Waiting for spring: crumbly biscuit, hot vegetable pie, egg sauce and slivers of goat cheese
€ 10.00

Hot small artichokes puff pastries with cheese fondue from Valsassina Valley
€ 12.00

Veal paté with Marsala wine, grain brioche bread, apple and leeks compote
€ 12.00

“Nervetti” and cannellini beans salad with hot cream of potatoes and extra-virgin olive oil
€ 10.00

Selection of local cold cuts with Russian salad
€ 10.00

Our plate of cured meats

“Frivolous”: Black Pork Salami (ancient traditional Cremona recipe), seasoning lard, mountain soft and fresh cow’s cheese from Valsassina Valley, sweet and sour Green Peppers from Voghera and corn crackers
€ 15.00

“Valtellina Valley”: Artisan dry-salted beef (bresaola and slinzega) from Valtellina Valley, alpine Casera (medium hard cow’s cheese) Summer 2022, mushrooms in olive oil
€ 15.00


Risotto “alla monzese” from Brianza land tradition: typical sausage and Barbera wine (2 people minimum)
€ 16.00

“Riso al salto” from the Milan tradition
€ 15.00

Potato dumplings with Gorgonzola (blue-cheese) fondue
€ 14.00

Home-made tagliatelle and Misultitt
€ 14.00

Wild peas soup (Cicerchia di Serra de Conti) and vegetables, drops of rosemary olive oil
€ 12.00


From cool water…

Wild cod “Skrei” with chick peas in two consistencies, sautéed glasswort with extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper
€ 16.00

Trout roll, potatoes rosti with marjoram, cream of bitter chicory, “Misultitt” olive oil dressing
€ 15.00

Grilled “Misultitt” from Como lake served with wholegrain polenta
€ 16.00

The missoltini are salted and sun-dried shads, typical from the Como lake. The shads undergo a lengthy processing to become missoltini. After being gutted, they are rubbed with salt and hung up to dry in the sun. They are then flattened and arranged in layers with bay leaves in a metal container.

… to green pastures

“Mondeghili: meat rissole” with mashed potatoes
€ 14.00

Roasted typical sausage (Luganega) from Brianza land and stewed lentils
€ 15.00

Pan roasted guinea fowl, sweet and hot sauce, sautéed glasswort and aromatic herbs (Pestèda from Valtellina Valley)
€ 16.00

Sliced sirloin beef with red chicory
€ 17.00

Bourguignonne Brianza snails (12 pieces)
€ 18.00

Bourguignonne Brianza snails (6 pieces)
€ 9.00


The originality of a cheese is not only the result of its processing but also of the context in which the animal is bred.

“La Piana” Great cheese selection (cow’s and goat’s cheeses) with fruit and vegetable preserves
€ 16.00

Selection of cow’s cheeses
€ 12.00

Selection of goat’s cheeses
€ 14.00

Tasting of various stracchini cheeses from the Valsassina valley
€ 10.00

“Strachitunt dop” (Locatelli G. Farm) with banana and lemon marmalade
€ 12.00

Historic Ribelle
(Ancogno Soliva Estate ’15)
€ 16.00


Gorgonzola (blue cheese) with onion and orange preserve
€ 10.00

“Bettelmatt” (mountain cheese Summer 2019/2021) with leeks and apple preserve
€ 14.00

From healthy fruit…
Marco Colzani’s fruit nectars are real fruit smoothies produced in a natural way, without use of preservatives, dyes, additives and acidifyers.
Uniques also because they specify on the label:
Nectars ingredients: fruit, water, cane sugar. (Lemon juice only for some references). ask for the available nectars
€ 4.50 (220ml)

…to sweet desserts
Citrus fruits on the plate

Meringue cake with lukewarm chocolate sauce

Parfait with Torrone sweet from Cremona and citrus fruits sauce

Noisette: 3 different tastes of desserts with hazelnuts

Thinly sliced pineapple with lemon sorbet

Crispy wafer with fruit sorbets

Cake “La Piana”: cake of the day

Broiled custard with pears and chocolate

€ 8.00 per portion

PDF Wine List per glass