Courgettes pie with tomato jelly, mountain char tartare, lavaret bottarga and bread chips
€ 10.00

Slivers of onion – Cipolla Bionda di Cureggio e Fontaneto – natural cooked with cow’s cheese fondue and crispy focaccia
€ 9.00

Layers of leg of veal, roasted and sweet and sour Peppers from Voghera, yogurt dressing
€ 10.00

Selection of local cold cuts with Russian salad
€ 10.00

Risotto with Peppers from Voghera and slivers of mountain cheese (2 people minimum)
€ 13.00

“Riso al salto” from the Milan tradition
€ 13.00

Potato dumplings (Potato from Oreno) with mushrooms and crispy Grana Padano cheese
€ 15.00

Home-made tagliatelle and Misultitt
€ 13.00

Lukewarm wild peas soup (Cicerchia di Serra de’ Conti) with summer vegetables and basil pesto
€ 10.00

From cool water… 

Fillets of trout from Valsassina Valley, onion (Cipolla Bionda di Cureggio e Fontaneto) and beans cream with extra-virgin olive oil
€ 13.00

Grilled lavaret from Como lake with aromatic herbs and courgettes “scapece” sauce
€ 13.00

Grilled “Misultitt” from the Como lake served with wholegrain polenta
€ 15.00

The missoltini are salted and sun-dried shads, typical from the Como lake. The shads undergo a lengthy processing to become missoltini. After being gutted, they are rubbed with salt and hung up to dry in the sun. They are then flattened and arranged in layers with bay leaves in a metal container.

… to green pastures

“Mondeghili: meat rissole” with finely chopped chicory and tartare sauce
€ 13.00

Brianza snails bourguignonne (12 pieces)
€ 15.00

Brianza snails bourguignonne (6 pieces)
€ 7.50

Roasted cockerel breast with mushrooms and leaf cabbage pie
€ 13.00

Classic sliced beef with wild rocket
€ 15.00


The originality of a cheese is not only the result of its processing but also of the context in which the animal is bred.

“La Piana” Great cheese selection (cow’s and goat’s cheeses) with fruit and vegetable preserves
€ 15.00

Selection of cow’s cheeses
€ 12.00

Selection of goat’s cheeses
€ 13.00

Tasting of various stracchini cheeses from the Valsassina valley
€ 10.00

“Strachitunt Dop” (mountain cheese Summer 2020) with bergamot preserve
€ 10.00

Historic Ribelle
(Orta Soliva ’15 – Orta Soliva ’14 – Ancogno Soliva ’08)
€ 16.00

Gorgonzola (blue cheese) with onion and orange preserve
€ 8.00

Assortment of pecorino cheeses (sheep’s cheeses) with honey and hazelnuts
€ 8.00

From healthy fruit…
Marco Colzani’s fruit nectars are real fruit smoothies produced in a natural way, without use of preservatives, dyes, additives and acidifyers.
Uniques also because they specify on the label:
Nectars ingredients: fruit, water, cane sugar. (Lemon juice only for some references). ask for the available nectars
€ 4.50 (220ml)

…to sweet desserts
Pure chocolate mousse (Mountains of the moon-Uganda 66%) with peppermint jelly

Hazelnut ice cream, “barbajada” sauce and crumbs of meringues

Peaches parfait glacé, apricots and ginger jam and elderflower crumble

Whole milk yogurt with caramelized apples (from Valsassina Valley), hazelnuts crumble with pollen

Fresh fruits salad with lemon sorbet

Crispy wafer with fruit sorbets

Cake “La Piana”: cake of the day

Hot dark chocolate flan with its sauce

Broiled custard with wild berries

€ 7.00 each

PDF Wine List per glass

“Buon Ricordo” menu
with a complimentary plate, hand-painted by the artisans from Ceramica artistica di Solimene di Vietri sul Mare (Sa)

Tour of Italy for collectors of emotions

Stop-over in Brianza

“Nervetti” and cannellini beans salad with lukewarm potatoes cream

Home-made tagliatelle and “Misultitt” Buon Ricord speciality: homemade tagliatelle combined with dried twite shad from the Como lake or the “Misultitt”

“Mondeghili: meat rissoles” with finely chopped chicory

Hazelnut ice-cream, “barbajada” sauce and crumbs of meringues
€ 40.00 drinks not included

The “Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo” offers a journey through the flavours of the Italian cuisine. The restaurants belonging to this union, in Italy and around the world, represent the best of the Italian regional cuisine.